Serial Entrepreneur, Life-Coach, Motivational Speaker
Serial Entrepreneur, Life-Coach, Motivational Speaker
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Why You Feel Like Things Are Stagnant and Why You Should Stand Up and Follow The Signs Of Greater Opportunities

The fear of the unknown prevents people from experiencing positive growth in life. So many people wake up each day to the same things with no clarity of direction or purpose. Just as a business requires direction and purpose the same is true for each individual. Purpose driven people allow their reasonings and beliefs to dictate there every action.

Nathaniel Moore is a Self Made Multi-Millionaire, Serial Entrepreneur, Life-Coach and Motivational Speaker. He’s the founder of yMoore, a company dedicated to providing personal development and business strategies to millions of people internationally. Nathaniel has helped over 100 young leaders take their good results to great. Nathaniel specializes in helping entrepreneurs, leaders, business owners find confidence in their true self, allowing them to maximize their gifts and talents.


If you cannot remember any accomplishments or things that you’ve learned this past week, then odds are you are stagnant. Stagnation eases in over time. In today’s age distractions is necessary in order for many to stay focused. Distractions typically steals hours per day decreasing production dramatically therefore causing stagnation. Below are a few examples that can start stagnation in your life.

You are distracted if your focus is on the negativity in the workplace. This alone steals tons of time, energy and the biggest of them all, your efforts. This simple distraction has people all over this country operating at 40-60 % of their capacity. You’re distracted if you spend more time on social platforms than you do on yourself. Another huge distraction that steals hours of time each and every day. The time spent on social typically places people in a non productive state of mind. Focused on others lives oppose to their very own life. These are just a few different scenarios that will prevent you from reaching your goals and left feeling stagnant.


Opportunity finds those that are prepared and ready for it. When you are distracted opportunity can pass you right by and you not know it. Focus on your goals and your reasonings, then commit to them disputes what things look like. Push through what others may say or think and stay focused. If you’re not intentional about your focus then your distractions will continue to control your life.

Here are a few things you can do that will help get you some positive momentum

1. Become more focused on your desires and dreams

By becoming more intentional about achieving your desires and dreams, then your distractions become a nuisance and not your focus. This will also give you a sense of clarity and direction. Whatever you focus on will be where your energy lies. So choose to focus on your dreams and desires daily.


2. Become more aware of your thoughts

Start becoming more intentional on what you think about when you wake up in the morning. A morning routine can really help get you in the right state of mind before your work day begins. You become easy irritable when not in the proper state of mind. Journaling your thoughts daily will also help you become more aware of what you think about.


3. Self evaluate

Create a habit at the end of each work day to really focus on what you did really well and what you can improve upon. This can really help with building your personal self confidence. Because what you can measure you can improve.


When you become more intentional about your dreams and desires, then opportunities will become more intentional about tracking you down. You must be your biggest fan and the loudest voice in your head. No longer allow external circumstances or what others say to prevent you from pursuing the little still voice within. Make a decision to stand up to stagnation and start living a life more fulfilled.

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